Mina Niu

Associate Manager, Test Assembly

Mina Niu is an Associate Manager of Test Assembly. She primarily manages the assembly and quality control of the ACCESS for ELLs English proficiency assessment in collaboration with WIDA. Mina joined the team in 2017 as a Language Testing Specialist, developing test content for Kindergarten and Elementary ESL learners. Mina has also been involved with world language projects at CAL. Most recently, She worked with the state of Massachusetts and led research efforts to inform the Massachusetts World Language Standards revision.

Mina holds a master’s degree in Linguistics from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in Bilingual Studies from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining CAL, Mina was a Research Associate at the Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center, where she conducted research on assessments in dual language immersion programs. The chapter she co-authored, Processing instruction, guided induction, and L2 development, was published in Routledge’s SLR Handbook of Classroom Learning. Mina also worked as a conference interpreter for major international events.


Massachusetts World Language Standards Update

To ensure the quality of Massachusetts’ world language education, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) contracted CAL to research and provide recommendations on how to update their existing Massachusetts world language standards.




State world language standards: Frameworks, revisions, and implications


This paper presents results of a 2019 analysis of state world language standards. It examines when and how states have revised their standards, and the extent to which they align to the 2015 ACTFL Standards, discussing implications for world language education informed by the current state of U.S. language frameworks.