Databases & Directories

The Center for Applied Linguistics provides online access to the following databases and directories.

Directory of Foreign Language Immersion Programs in U.S. Schools

This directory includes 448 schools in 37 states and the District of Columbia that teach all or part of their curriculum through a second language. Contact information, number of students and teachers, and other information is provided for each school. Twenty-two foreign languages are represented. (Note: This directory is an archive and no longer updated.)

Dual Language Program Directory

The CAL Dual Language Program Directory houses data about PreK-12 dual language programs around the United States and is designed to  capture and quantify the number and types of dual language programs currently implemented in the United States; and to connect leaders of dual language programs from across the country and facilitate networking among and between them. (Note: This directory is an archive and no longer updated.)

Foreign Language Assessment Directory

The Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD) is a free, searchable directory of information on more than 200 tests in over 90 languages. The FLAD serves as a starting point for teachers and educators to search for foreign language assessments. CAL has developed an online tutorial to serve as a companion resource to the FLAD, Understanding Assessment: A Guide for Foreign Language Educators. 

Heritage Language Programs Database

CAL is compiling database of heritage language programs across the United States. Profiles of community-based, K–12, and higher education programs are available on our Heritage Languages website. (Note: This directory is an archive and no longer updated.)