VISTA: Academic Language Development Through Writing in the Content Area


Students whose first language is not English are present in increasing numbers in U.S. schools. Educators are entrusted with the responsibility of providing opportunities for these students to develop English language proficiency, as well as the skills they need to learn content-area material (Hudelson, 1988). The challenge here is not that students are incapable of learning to write well. The challenge is that American schools have not understood what it means to teach writing within the content areas (Hochman & Wexler, 2018), nor have teachers received the appropriate professional development to assist them in tackling the instruction of the writing process (Desjardins, 2020). In recent years emphasis has been placed on helping language learners become more proficient writers to ensure academic success. This webinar will explore writing as a tool in the content areas.
In this webinar, participants will:
• Numerate the changes in writing research in recent history.
• Identify the different types of writing tasks and products language learners may be expected to develop.
• Analyze the role of student writing in the content area classroom.
• Identify, and develop samples of, different writing strategies that may be incorporated into daily lessons