Teachers as Advocates for ELLs - An Education Connections Webinar

Teachers as Advocates: Principles for Effective Practices for ELLs

This Education Connections webinar will be held from 7:00-8:00 pm ET.
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About the Webinar
Advocacy does not only happen at the formal policy level; teachers can be advocates for their ELLs on a daily basis through their instructional decisions. In this presentation, we will discuss three principles to guide those decisions (affirming identities, promoting additive bilingualism, and structuring for integration) and identify practices that are aligned with these principles across different teaching contexts (dual language programs, mainstream classrooms).

About the Presenter
Ester J. de Jong is a Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. She teaches courses in bilingual and bicultural education and in curriculum, methods, and assessment for English speakers of other languages. Her research interests include two-way bilingual education and other integrated models for language minority schooling, educational language policy, and teacher preparation for bilingual students.

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