Equity in Representing Literacy Growth in Dual Language Education for Emergent Bilingual Students

4:45 - 5:35pm
Presented at: NABE

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In order to represent the achievements of emerging bilingual students appropriately, dual language bilingual education (DLBE) programs and research need to elevate the goal of biliteracy by examining data in the partner language alongside English longitudinally to determine the trajectory toward biliteracy of the students served by these programs. When the two languages are not afforded the same value, the chances of developing high levels of proficiency in the partner language and equitable status between native speakers of the partner language and native speakers of English are diminished.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, we set out to examine the biliteracy development of third grade students enrolled in Spanish/English DLBE programs in one state and to compile evidence from high achieving programs regarding programmatic and instructional practices through case studies. Results of the biliteracy study and preliminary findings from the case studies will be shared in this presentation.