From Words to Stories: Reading Comprehension vis-a-vis Vocabulary Instruction

11:15am - 12:15pm

Please consult the event program for room assignment. 

Presented at: MACCEE 2019

Vocabulary is an essential part of reading comprehension, and often one of the biggest hurdles for learners to overcome. With limited time and resources, teaching vocabulary is often reduced to producing lists of words and definitions, which fails to acknowledge the dynamic capability of vocabulary to influence not only comprehension, but a learner's entire reading experience. Participants will explore their unconscious awareness of the meaning of words and the shifts they experience according to context, and how to make those salient to learners so that reading comes alive.

Activities include brainstorming topics, defining vocabulary, applying vocabulary in context, and discussing how to use this approach with their unique learners, including any modifications needed. By the end of the session, participants will: appreciate the deep dimensions of vocabulary; consider how to teach the "whole" word, not just the definition; and discuss how to apply this approach to their own reading instruction.