Creating Safe Spaces for Diverse Populations: How to be Culturally Humble

3:30 - 4:30pm

Please consult the event program for room assignment.

Presented at: MACCEE 2019

All of our students come from different backgrounds and distinct cultures. Culture is intersectional - not any two persons in our classrooms, schools, or communities are culturally the same. Educators and service providers need to be equipped to express and discuss culture respectfully and humbly with adult learners in order to create a safe space in the classroom that extends to the community.

This training offers an opportunity for self-reflection and interaction to engage educators and learners in communicating cross culturally. Participants will be empowered to understand and accept their cultural limitations by asking difficult questions about their own unconscious biases and stereotypes. Participants will begin or continue to build self-awareness of their own biases, and learn tools to develop a reflective process to use in their classrooms.