Preparing English Learners to Meet College and Career Readiness Standards: Four Key Uses of Academic Language - An Education Connections Webinar

Preparing English Learners to Meet College and Career Readiness Standards: Four Key Uses of Academic Language
This Education Connections webinar will be held from 7:00-8:00 pm ET. 
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About the Webinar
The recent emphasis on College and Career Readiness (CCR) has brought with it a focus on academic language in classrooms across the country, presenting challenges for many language learners and their teachers.

In this live virtual event, two expert presenters from WIDA will review the linguistic expectations of the CCR standards and how to engage language learners in achieving those expectations. They will describe four key uses of academic language that are essential for language learners to participate meaningfully in the classroom and access the content of the CCR standards.

Participants will analyze language through the lens of these four key uses, brainstorm strategies for scaffolding language development for language learners, and become better equipped with practical techniques for supporting language learners in their classrooms. 

About the Presenters

Mariana Castro, PhD is the director of the Academic Language and Literacy Initiatives at WIDA. In this role, she represents WIDA in national and international events. She also served as the director of Professional Development for WIDA for six years and was an adjunct faculty for Edgewood College for nine years. Before coming to WIDA she was a science, ESL, and Bilingual teacher at Madison Metropolitan School District, where she worked for fifteen years in various capacities. Her research interests include translanguaging, critical pedagogy, and language development through the life span. 

Ruslana Westerlund, EdD is an English language development researcher in the Academic Language and Literacy Initiatives at WIDA. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member at Bethel University teaching Linguistics and Responsive Pedagogy for ELL courses. Before coming to WIDA, Ruslana worked as an ELD Specialist for K-12 teacher preparation programs at undergraduate and graduate levels and served as an ELD and refugee student specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education. Her personal research includes teachers’ sense-making of the WIDA ELD Standards in their daily practice. In her spare time, she blogs at Reclaiming the Language for Social Justice blog where she invites guest bloggers to address issues of ELL education that span beyond language.

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