Enhancing Sheltering: Using Academic Content to Extend Language Development Opportunities - Education Connections Webinar

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About the Webinar
Sheltering content is critical for ensuring that our English learner students can access rigorous class content. It's essential for all teachers to be mindful of creating multiple points of access to class content. However, sheltering may attend primarily to supporting our students as they make meaning of input. It's only part of the equation! What about expressive language? How can we build upon sheltering to further extend language development opportunities?

Join Tim Blackburn as he walks through cycles of receptive and productive tasks designed to support students as they develop a rich understanding of class content, while honing the discipline-specific language to show what they know. 

About the Presenter
Tim Blackburn began his career as a teacher in rural schools of eastern Guatemala near the border town of Esquipulas. There, Tim learned how to create and foster connections with his students, while encouraging them to realize their potential. After three incredible years in Guatemala, Tim returned to his native New York City, where he enrolled in Teachers College at Columbia University in a program that converts former Peace Corps volunteers into teachers for NYC's high needs, low resource schools. While pursuing his MA in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages at night, Tim worked as a teacher of ESL and bilingual education. For eight years, Tim taught high school ESL, Global History, and Historia Global en espaƱol to students from all over the globe in the Bronx. A student for life, he confesses that he always learned more from his students than they learned from him. Tim now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two little girls. While he often contemplates his return to the classroom, at the moment, he serves as an Education Specialist with the Oregon Department of Education. 

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