Effective Strategies for Integrating English Learner Students’ Funds of Knowledge into Classroom Practices - An Education Connections Webinar

Effective Strategies for Integrating English Learner Students’ Funds of Knowledge into Classroom Practices
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Webinar Description
Based on integrating culturally and linguistically responsive instruction across all content areas, this professional development webinar provides educators with a sociocultural framework for successfully tapping into their EL students’ background knowledge by engaging families to broaden learning opportunities. This approach to integrating EL students’ funds of knowledge into classroom practices starts with acknowledging and honoring minority families’ strengths and adopting strategies designed to establish meaningful partnerships with students’ parents. Specifically, family visits are emphasized as vehicles to accomplish two fundamental goals: 1) to engage the parents and families of EL students to widen avenues of communication and collaboration; and 2) to gather information about students’ funds of knowledge to integrate into classroom practices (Johnson, 2014). 

About the Presenter
Eric Johnson earned his Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from Arizona State University. He is currently an associate professor of Bilingual/ESL Education at Washington State University Tri-Cities. His research focus involves ethnographic approaches to language-minority programs and policies in public schools. His journal publications span a variety of topics involving language policy and planning, immigrant communities, parent and community engagement, bilingual education, and Hispanic Serving Institutions. Dr. Johnson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to teacher preparation, including the theoretical foundations of bilingual and ESL education, teaching methods for bilingual/ESL education, sociolinguistics, and diversity in education. 

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