PK-8 Oral Proficiency Assessment: Developing A Training Resource for Educators

Presented at: ECOLT 2021

Interest in PreK-8 world language programs has increased in recent years, and with that comes a growing need for flexible, adaptable tools and training to effectively assess young language learners' oral proficiency in a variety of instructional settings and program types.

This poster will present the development of a computer-based training program for the Student Oral Proficiency Assessment (SOPA), a paired oral proficiency assessment for language learners in grades PreK-8. This digital training program is designed to provide language programs with a sustainable and cost-effective way to continually train educators to administer and score the SOPA, with the training structured so that materials will be useful for foreign and dual language programs working with any language and for individual or group training of new and experienced instructors over time. The training program design and development process will be discussed, and participants will learn about considerations for creating and delivering such computer-based training programs for educators who are administering and rating oral proficiency assessments.

Presenters will also discuss how the content and design of the SOPA training program addresses the assessment needs of PreK-8 world language educators and supports the sustained use of valid and reliable oral proficiency assessments in language programs across the country. Information about the current status of the training program and next steps in the development process will be provided, and the poster will explore implications for language testers in the design of assessment administration and rater training materials for specific audiences and ongoing use.