Developing Metalinguistic Awareness with Emergent Bilingual Students

8:00 - 8:40pm
Presented at: CABE 2021

*All time Eastern*

Emergent bilingual students use all of their cognitive and linguistic resources to enhance language acquisition and learn content. Teachers can work to give students additional linguistic resources by raising awareness of metalinguistics. In particular, teachers can show students how the two languages of their dual language program are the same and different, facilitating bi-directional transfer that can improve literacy development in both languages.

This session will provide research on the value of providing this kind of instruction and describe the language systems for comparison: the graphophonic, semantic, syntactic and pragmatic. Using bilingual children’s literature, the presenter will demonstrate the use of each of these systems in Spanish and English. The audience will then practice using this knowledge with a bilingual poem, followed by practical suggestions for activities to do with students.

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