La Red Bilingüe: A Conversation about the Benefits of Bilingualism (feat. CEO, Dr. Joel Gómez and Secretary of the Mexican Embassy, Marta Peña)

Come celebrate “binational education week” with the Center for Applied Linguistics! In this live webinar, CAL President and CEO, Dr. Joel Gómez will speak with the Secretary of the Mexican Embassy, Marta Peña, about the benefits of bilingual in the United States, especially those with a Mexican heritage.

During the event, Dr. Gómez will also highlight the international partnership between Mexican Ambassador to the U.S., Martha Bárcena, and CAL, which has provided U.S. teachers with free access to hundreds of multimedia Spanish resources online, including complete textbooks, lesson plans, videoclips, maps and more. These video lessons, books, movies and TV shows are age-appropriate for both the K-12 settings and can be adapted to adult learning as well.

The event will be streamed on the Mexican Consulate of Washington’s Facebook page (@ConsulMexWas): (