Language Policy in the Multilingual Classroom: Navigating Language Development and Implementation in International Baccalaureate Schools (poster)

12:25 - 1:55pm CDT

Convention Center, Street Level, Stars at Night Ballroom 4

Presented at: AERA 2017

This presentation reports on findings from research on behalf of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) investigating the development and implementation of language policies (LPs) in IB schools. The IB language philosophy not only acknowledges multilingualism but also asserts “multilingualism as a fact, a right and a resource” (IBO, 2011) among students and within learning environments. A key component of supporting this approach to education is a dynamic school LP that incorporates the language profiles of their students, community, and local context. Researchers conducted a mixture of site visits, classroom observations, interviews, and document analysis at schools in eight countries in order to better understand how these diverse schools navigated policy development and implementation in their multilingual settings.