CAL SIOP Training of Trainers Institute: Advanced Coaching Strategies

This comprehensive and interactive institute is designed to help participants develop and deliver SIOP Model professional development as coaches or other instructional leadership roles.

The Advanced institute is designed for those participants who have prior knowledge of SIOP and are supporting teachers in their implementation of the model. In this institute, participants will review and renew the specific components and features in order to deepen their knowledge of the SIOP Model. Participants will also extend their own professional skills in supporting teachers’ SIOP implementation through providing job embedded professional development such as coaching, supporting lesson planning in grade level or professional learning communities, and lesson study.

Based on an interactive flipped classroom model, this winter 2021 cohort will participate in both synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Through a self-paced format, participants will listen to recorded mini-lectures, read relevant research articles, watch and “coach” classroom videos of SIOP lessons, apply what they learn to their coaching plans, and interact with other participants through discussion boards and blog posts. Participants will meet online with CAL facilitators weekly to discuss best practices in SIOP professional development, network with other PD facilitators from schools around the world, and receive small group coaching from a CAL PD coach.

This is the right strand of professional development for those who:
  • Have attended a full introductory SIOP workshop and have a strong knowledge base of the SIOP Model
  • Have implemented the SIOP Model in their classrooms and/or have a lot of experience supporting teachers who implement the SIOP Model
  • Have attended SIOP TOT I: Foundations.
  • Are able to identify examples of SIOP implementation, but need more assistance in helping teachers implement with fidelity.
  • Are available between January 20th and February 10th, 2022 to complete approximately 2 hours of self-paced online assignments per week (to include watching videos, reading articles, listening to mini-lectures on SIOP components, and planning for their own PD sessions, etc.).
  • Are able to join remote/teleconference sessions on the days and times listed below.

Questions? Email CAL with any questions you may have about the institute.


Participants will receive a CAL Certificate of Completion which may be used for continuing education credit.


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Please note: this institute is not intended for those who are learning SIOP for the first time. Contact CAL about SIOP introductory workshops that we can deliver in your schools. Questions? Email CAL with any questions you may have about our offerings.