Needs for Early Language Assessments: Results from SOPA Focus Groups (Poster)

Presented at: ACTFL 2021

This poster presents results from focus groups with elementary educators on needs for training to adapt, administer, and score interactive listening and speaking assessments. Focus group findings are used to inform the development of digital self-access training materials and a library of practice videos.

The SOPA and ELLOPA are paired oral interview assessments for grades PK-8 that measure interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal communication using a rubric based on the ACTFL Guidelines. They are free to use and adaptable to any language but require training to administer and score reliably.

This poster presents findings from educator focus groups to determine needs for training materials to make these assessments more accessible for use by elementary world and dual language programs. Presenters will discuss how educator beliefs and themes emerging from the focus groups shaped decisions in the iterative development of training materials to support the sustained use of valid and reliable oral proficiency assessment. The poster will review key design decisions, plans for future work as part of a three-year project, and implications for implementing task-based formative and summative assessments for young learners conducted entirely in the target language.