7th Cassidy-Le Page Distinguished Lecture

Shondel Nero, Ed.D., Professor of Language Education at New York University was invited to speak at the 7th Cassidy-Le Page Distinguished Lecture series hosted by the University of the West Indies.

She presented "Slicing the Onion: Reflections and Projections on Language Education Policy in the Caribbean" on on October 29, 2021. 

The rich linguistic landscape in the Caribbean combined with its colonial history make it a fertile space for navigating the tensions of language policy development, especially with regard to education. This talk takes a critical look at the historical and current framing and development of the multilayered “onion” that is language education policy in the Caribbean – the goals, actors, processes, and implementation. I share findings from my work on Caribbean students in New York City schools, and from my Fulbright research examining the Jamaican Language Education Policy implementation in schools. I also look ahead to a re-imagining of language education policy for the 21st century Caribbean.