World Languages Assessment


CAL has a long history of developing operational tests in foreign languages, particularly the less commonly taught languages.

CAL developed the Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD), which is a free, searchable directory of nearly 200 tests in over 90 languages. The FLAD serves as a starting point for teachers and educators to search for foreign language assessments. Educators can search by name of test, grade, proficiency level, language, skills targeted by the test, and intended test use.

CAL has also developed an online tutorial to serve as a companion resource to the FLAD. This online tutorial introduces key concepts in language testing to help with selecting tests and using test results appropriately and efficiently. Topics include practical considerations when selecting a test, reliability and validity, the use of results, and the impact of testing in the classroom. A list of resources and a glossary of assessment terms are included.




STARTALK was created in 2006 to provide learning opportunities in the critical languages for students (K-16) and professional development for teachers of the critical languages, mainly through programs offered during the summer.


Adult English Proficiency Assessments

BEST Literacy and BEST Plus 2.0 address the needs of adult English language learners by providing assessment options that reliably demonstrate student progress. With BEST Plus 2.0 to measure speaking and listening skills and BEST Literacy to measure reading and writing skills, programs can test all of the four skill areas.

News & Events

What Do Language Educators need to Know About Assessment?


This session focuses on what educators need to know in order to develop, implement and score effective classroom-based language assessments. Using examples from online and face-to-face courses, we will provide a framework for professional development in language assessment. View full proposal.