Immigrant Integration


Students from non-English-speaking backgrounds are the fastest growing segment of the K–12 student population in the United States. An increasing number of these students are newcomers—recent arrivals to the United States who have limited or no English language proficiency and who often have had limited formal education in their native countries.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, California and other traditional immigrant-destination states still have the highest numbers of recent arrivals, however, the sharpest growth in these populations are now experienced in states like Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia. Not only is there an increasing need for immigrant integration, but there is also a demand in geographic areas without a long tradition of welcoming and orienting newcomers.

Several of CAL’s projects and resources are designed to support the implementation of programs for immigrant students. Our work in this area is based on elements that have been shown to build successful newcomer programs. These elements are: parental involvement, developing students’ academic English literacy skills, providing access to the content courses that lead to college and career readiness, and guiding students’ acculturation to U.S. schools and their eventual participation in civic life and the global economy.


Welcoming School Communities

CAL is collaborating with Welcoming America on the Welcoming School Communities pilot project designed to engage school communities in the creation of a more welcoming climate for newcomers.

Bienvenidos Project

CAL provided technical assistance to the National Council of La Raza to provide vital services to NCLR’s network of affiliate organizations.



CAL offers a wide range of professional development and technical assistance services for service providers, schools, and communities working with newcomer populations. Based on our decades of experience, CAL can customize our services to meet your needs and budgets. Email CAL to learn more. 

Service Spotlight: New CAL Institute

Newcomers in Your School: Cultural Connections and Instructional Strategies
August 9-10, 2016 Washington, DC
Given the increasing tide of newcomer youth entering U.S. schools, it is critical to address the cultural, social, and academic needs of these students and their families. CAL offers professional development that includes practical resources for building a welcoming environment, both socially and instructionally, for all students.

This institute is designed for PreK-12 teachers, administrators, and practitioners, such as social workers, counselors, and after-school specialists, who work in educational settings with newcomer students and their families. CAL encourages teams of educators and practitioners to attend. 

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