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In order to address the unique needs of English learners, educators are seeking effective programs and research-based instructional strategies to serve these students. CAL’s projects focus on language and literacy acquisition in the elementary and secondary grades, particularly for learners for whom English is a second language. For decades, the Center for Applied Linguistics has been conducting research and developing effective resources for educators working with English language learners.

Many instructional approaches are based on the belief that access to academic content by English  learners can be enhanced by integrating language and content instruction. CAL works to promote students’ acquisition of content knowledge and language and literacy skills by helping teachers develop instructional practices that facilitate learning for English learners.

Sheltered instruction is one effective approach to teaching grade-level content. Teachers adjust their instructional practices and adapt academic content materials to the students’ levels of English proficiency. Sheltered instruction techniques are woven into many of CAL’s professional development services and materials and are a cornerstone of our work with the SIOP Model. 


Great Lakes Comprehensive Center

CAL is collaborating in the operation of this Comprehensive Technical Assistance Center to provide capacity-building assistance to Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio in their efforts to improve the education of English language learners.

Education Connections

Education Connections

Education Connections is an initiative of the Center for Applied Linguistics funded by three grants to provide free professional development for teachers regarding improved implementation of sheltered instructional methods to better meet the needs of English learner students in standards-based, mainstream education settings.


Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model

This self-paced online course is designed to help teachers and administrators increase their knowledge of research-based sheltered instruction to support the language and content learning needs of English learners. Examples are based on the widely-used and effective SIOP Model.

Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas

Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas

Based on a 21st century approach to academic literacy that is aligned with today’s rigorous standards, this resource provides research-based strategies and practical, hands-on tools to help educators develop effective classroom activities. The package includes a comprehensive workbook supported by authentic classroom video and two complete unit plans on CD-ROM.

Learning the SIOP Model

Learning the SIOP Model

Learning the SIOP Model is a practical, hands-on tool for educators to learn more about the SIOP Model and its effective use in the classroom. Video clips from authentic classroom lessons demonstrate various features of the SIOP Model, and the companion viewers guide provides hands-on resources for use in professional development and in the classroom.

SIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Levels

SIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Levels

Three videos, available on one DVD with a companion viewers guide, illustrate three SIOP lessons at different grade levels: second grade, eighth grade, and high school/GED. Designed to deepen understanding of SIOP Model implementation at the classroom level and to support professional development initiatives, these videos are also used in CAL SIOP professional development workshops and online learning.

Math and Science: Skills and Strategies to Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners

Math and Science: Skills and Strategies to Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners

This workbook addresses research foundations and principles of instruction for teaching math and science to English language learners. It focuses on the language of math and science, making math and science comprehensible, developing higher order thinking, and the Common Core State Standards for mathematics. A companion DVD provides authentic classroom videos that demonstrate key concepts.


Improving Educational Outcomes for ELs

CAL specializes in developing effective solutions to the challenges faced by educators working with language learners in PreK-12 education. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff use research-based, effective practices to improve educational outcomes for ELs, drawing on years of experience in the classroom to personalize services for you. Learn more.

CAL Institutes: Professional Development Opportunities in Washington, DC Metro Area

CAL is continuing to expand its successful series of professional development institutes focusing on key issues for educators. CAL Institutes provide research-based strategies and practical, hands-on tools and help teachers develop classroom activities that target the academic language demands of college and career readiness standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

  • Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas
  • English Learners and Effective Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Strategies
  • Foundations of Dual Language Instruction
  • Foundations of Effective Classroom Assessments: Principles and Practice
  • Leading Dual Language Programs for Student Success: A CAL Leadership Institute
  • Newcomers in Your School: Cultural Connections and Instructional Strategies
  • Promoting Cultural Proficiency to Boost Outcomes for All Students
  • Research-based Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners
  • SIOP Training of Trainers: Foundations or Advanced Strategies
  • Spanish Literacy Institute: Fostering Spanish Language and Literacy in the Content Areas
  • Teaching Reading to Students Learning English: Training of Trainers or Direct Strategies 

View the complete calendar and learn more about CAL Institutes.

CAL Institutes can also be offered on-site at your location. Email the CAL Solutions team to learn more. 

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