Areas of Impact


The Center for Applied Linguistics is dedicated to promoting language learning and cultural understanding by serving as a trusted source for research, resources, and policy analysis. Through its work, CAL seeks solutions to issues involving language and culture as they relate to access and equity in education and society around the globe.

CAL’s programmatic activities focus on applying insights gained from the study of language and culture to the challenges of our changing global society. Our collaborative infrastructure allows CAL staff to work closely together, sharing knowledge and capabilities to respond quickly and effectively to changing needs. CAL has strong, long-term collaborative relationships with many organizations. We actively seek out new partnerships that allow us to expand the scope of our programs and serve our mission. Our organizational expertise and experience, combined with the collective skills of our staff and partners, have led CAL to focus on the key areas of impact outlined within this section of our website.

To learn more about CAL's work and resources, we invite you to browse each area of impact and its subsections. Tabs on each page provide information about projects, resources, news and events related to each topic.