Staff & Associates

Joel Gómez, EdD President and Chief Executive Officer
M. Beatriz Arias, PhD Senior Research Scientist
Sophia Birdas Director, Marketing & Outreach
DeAnna Coon Director, CAL Solutions: Adult English Language Education
Annie Duguay Director, CAL Solutions: PreK-12 EL Education
Elsa Fraser Director of Operations, Language Assessment Division
Susan L. Gilson Vice President, Communications
Barbara Kavanaugh, Interim Executive Vice President, Administration
Barbara Kennedy, EdD Director, Dual Language and Bilingual Education Sponsored Projects
Dorry Kenyon, PhD Vice President, Language Assessment Division
Daniel Lieberson, Director, Product & Service Operations
José Medina, EdD Associate Director, Language and Cultural Education Division, Director, CAL Solutions: Dual Language and Bilingual Education
Sarah Catherine K. Moore, PhD Program Director, PreK12 English Learner Education
Jennifer Norton, EdD Director, Test Development
Jennifer Renn, PhD Director, Adult English Language and Literacy Education Research
Rubén Rodríguez Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
Shu Jing Yen, PhD Director, Psychometrics and Quantitative Research

Past Presidents

Terrence G. Wiley, PhD 2010 - 2017
Donna Christian, PhD  1994 - 2010

Senior Fellows

Carolyn Temple Adger, PhD
Donna Christian, PhD
Joy Kreeft Peyton, PhD
Betty Ansin Smallwood, PhD