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SIOP Training of Trainers (TOT) Institute

Learn how to provide SIOP Model professional development tailored to the needs of your district and schools.

This comprehensive and interactive institute is designed to help participants develop and deliver the SIOP Model professional development.

This institute is designed for those with a working knowledge of the SIOP Model through past SIOP Model workshop attendance or self-study. Past participants include district professional developers, district and school-based coaches, administrators, and teacher leaders.

Modeled after CAL SIOP workshops and based on the resource, Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to help PreK-12 teachers better integrate content and language instruction for English learners.

During this SIOP Training of Trainers Institute, participants will explore research-based lessons on effective professional development and adult learning. The institute will include a variety of activities, such as demonstration and explanation, analysis of video teaching sequences, and small group tasks. At the end of each workshop day, participants will plan a SIOP workshop or incorporate what they learned into their role-specific professional development activities. On the final day, participants will present their own workshop plans based on their learning.

Sample Institute Schedule

Day One:

  • Key characteristics and elements of effective SIOP Model professional development workshops

  • SIOP Model review with modeling of workshop activities for second language acquisition, SIOP Model overview and research, and the Lesson Preparation component

Day Two:

  • SIOP Model review with modeling of workshop activities for the components of Building Background, Comprehensible Input

  • SIOP workshop planning

Day Three:

  • SIOP Model review with modeling of workshop activities for the components of Strategies and Interaction

  • SIOP workshop planning

Day Four:

  • SIOP Model review with modeling of workshop activities for the components of Practice/Application, Lesson Delivery, and Review & Assessment

  • Presentations and peer review

CAL can work with you to tailor this professional development workshop to meet your needs and budget.

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