Principles to practice approach for EL success

Promoting Spanish Language Development for Emergent Bilinguals
A Collaborative Symposium by the Center for Applied Linguistics and WIDA [En español]

Cómo fomentar el desarrollo del español en estudiantes bilingües emergentes
Un simposio colaborativo entre el
Centro de Lingüístíca Aplicada y WIDA

Learn research-based practitioner strategies to develop the Spanish language skills of emergent bilinguals aligned with WIDA’s Spanish Language Development Standards and CAL’s proven Spanish instruction techniques.

Aprenda estrategias alineadas con los Estándares del Desarrollo del Lenguaje en Español de WIDA y con las técnicas de instrucción en español de CAL, que ayudarán a desarrollar las habilidades en español de sus estudiantes bilingües emergentes.

Future Dates

Watch our website for upcoming symposium dates.

Join the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and WIDA in Washington, DC for an engaging and interactive two-day Symposium designed to promote Spanish language development in a variety of bilingual and dual language settings, including one-way and two-way 90-10 or 50-50 program models.

Participants must be proficient in Spanish and have a working knowledge of English to fully participate in all aspects of the Symposium.

Questions about workshop registration, payment, cancellation, or to be added to the waiting list for future workshops, contact Marilyn Raphael, Coordinator, or call 202-355-1500.

Questions about workshop content, contact José L. Medina, EdD, Professional Development Specialist.


Resource Corner


The WIDA Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards outline the progression of Spanish language development in any PreKindergarten through grade 12 classroom where Spanish is the language for content instruction. Within the SLD framework, the term emergent bilinguals is used to refer to students who are on a pathway towards bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. Learn more.

The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education was developed as a tool to help dual language programs with planning and ongoing implementation. Grounded in evidence from research and best practices, the guiding principles address program issues in seven strands and are based on the Framework of Best Practices for New Mexico Dual Language Programs developed by Dual Language Education of New Mexico and were adapted by a national panel of dual language experts and reviewers. Learn more.