Words Were All We Had: Becoming Biliterate Against the Odds

MarĂ­a de la Luz Reyes, Foreword by Luis C. Moll
Published by Teachers College Press


This publication includes engaging, personal narratives from a select group of well-respected educators who attained biliteracy not only at a young age but in the era before bilingual education. Their autobiographical accounts celebrate and make visible a linguistic potential that has been largely ignored in schools and society and underscore the inextricable and emotional ties that many Latinos have to Spanish.

These personal stories of tenacity and resilience offer hope for a new generation of bilingual learners and reveal the power of parental support in helping their children do well in school and strive for excellence. The authors also illustrate the important role that teachers can play when they encourage students to learn in two languages. Teachers can glean important lessons about the individual potential of their Latino students from the lived experiences of Latinos whose successes dispel the myth that Spanish is an obstacle to learning. Contributors include CAL Board of Trustee member, Dr. Sonia Nieto. 2011

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