The Education of Language Minority Immigrants in the United States

Terrence G. Wiley, Jin Sook Lee, & Russell W. Rumberger, Editors

Published by Multilingual Matters, LTD


This publication brings together well-known experts on immigrant and language minority education in the United States with the goal of informing educational policy and practice. Drawing from quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, the collection includes contributions on the acquisition of English, language shift, the maintenance of heritage languages, prospects for long-term educational achievement, challenges for appropriate language testing and placement, and examples of advocacy action research. It concludes with a commentary aimed at broadening our understanding of the need to provide quality immigrant language minority education within the context of globalization.This collection, co-edited by CAL President Terrence G. Wiley, has immediate application for educators and policy makers and will be of value to students and researchers interested in the education of immigrant language minority students. 2009

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